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Refund policy

The ##RR store has a strict no-refund and no-chargeback policy. If there is a chargeback placed on your order, it will not be sent out unless said chargeback is revoked and proof is sent to us at There are also no refunds under any circumstances with our store.

error policy

When you purchase an item from our store, you are accepting the fact that errors or unexpected delays may arise in the timeframe of you purchasing the product, to the time it takes to get to your door. We guarantee that we will get you the items you ordered, no matter how many errors or delays come up. All we ask for is your patience in times where things happen that are out of our hands.


If the address on your order is correct and the shipping carrier that is in possession of your package marks your order as successfully delivered, we are not held responsible if you are not in possession of your items. We are not responsible for any theft, or mistakes made by said carriers.


All customers outside of the United States are responsible for the customs fees/duties that may be charged by their country for import/export packages.